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SLOVAKIA  (Slovak Republic)


Slovak Republic is a country located in Central Europe, surrounded by the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria.

■ Total area:                                              49 035 km2

■ Population:                                               5 379 450  

■ Capital city:                                               Bratislava

■ Currency:                                       Euro (sign: €; code: EUR)
                                                        1 EUR (€) = 100 cents (c)

■ Official language:                                          Slovak

■ Type of government:                       parliamentary democracy
■ Formation date:                                    1. January 1993


Slovak Republic became the member of European Union on 1. st. May 2004.


Membership in international organizations: UN, OECD, WTO, EU, NATO, V4














Slovak Republic is divided into eight self-governing regions and 79 districts:

- Bratislava region with center Bratislava

- Trnava region with center Trnava

- Trenčín region with center Trenčín

- Nitra region with center Nitra

- Žilina region with center Žilina

- Banská Bystrica region with center Banská Bystrica

- Košice region with center Košice

- Prešov region with center Prešov


■ More information about Slovakia:



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